The Greater Colonies. Crete.

EN_  Greater  Colony of Crete. The Minoan Civilization ruled the central and eastern waters of the sea called Mediterranean . Their Priest-king, the Prince of Lilies, ruled the insular empire from his siege in the Knossos Temple on the island of Crete.

ES_ Gran colonia de Creta. La civilización minoica controlaba el centro y costas orientales del que fue llamado Mar Mediterráneo. Su sacerdote-rey, el Príncipe de Los Lirios, gobernó el imperio insular desde el templo de Knossos en la isla de Creta.

100x100cm, oil on canvas.

The Greater Colonies – Crete.
As head of the Minoan civilization, The Priest-king of Knossos, known as “The Prince of Lilies”, ruled the Aegean from his main seat in Crete.




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