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Iker Paz is a Spanish artist and illustrator based in Bordeaux. Iker studied Architecture in Madrid and received his Master degree from the E.T.S.A.M. in 2006.  His interest in Art in general and illustration in particular lead his career away from Architecture. Passionate for Art History and ancient civilizations, his paintings reflect the multitude of references he´s collected during the many trips he´s done over the years.

Iker Paz es un artista plástico e ilustrador español  afincado actualmente en Francia. Arquitecto por la E.T.S.AM desde 2006, su interés por el Arte en general y la ilustración en particular fueron orientando su carrera lejos del mundo de la Arquitectura. Apasionado de la Historia y de las civilizaciones antiguas, sus dibujos y pinturas reflejan la multitud de referencias que ha ido incorporando a su obra a lo largo de sus muchos viajes.


From art direction to book illustrations or pattern design, I have experience in a variety of fields and can offer you the best final product.


My Architecture degree and interest in Ancient History and illustration assure you beautiful universes and a great coherence in style and world building


Besides my fine art and illustration side, I also work as a concept artist. Creature design, background design, you name it.